I was a fan of Matt's for some time before I really got to know him. After I got to know him, hear him talk shop, and see him work I became a monster fan. I learn from Matt constantly and I'm most impressed with his passion to serve the folks he works with. Trust me when I say I'd refer anyone to work with him—he gets results. The industry needs more people like him.

Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Los Angeles Lakers
Founder – TD Athletes Edge

There are very few coaches in this industry that have both a foundational knowledge base of the science and theory behind training along with the world-class communication skills necessary to provide dynamic results for their athletes and clients. Matt is one of these people. Between his work with his clients and his educational workshops across the country, I highly recommend Matt’s work as one of the top experts in the field of smart strength and conditioning.

Dr. John Rusin, PT, DPT, CSCS
Owner – Dr. John Rusin

The ultimate compliment I can give a fitness pro is that he or she is "the shit." Matt is that and then some. I have rarely come across anyone as passionate, gregarious, and willing to learn than he. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS
Owner – CORE

Matthew Ibrahim is a bright light in the strength and conditioning and sports rehabilitation communities. His work is genuine, effective, and easily applicable to the individual goals of those that he works with. What he has created with his personal brand is something special, and I am excited to see it blossom even more. As the founder of Clinical Athlete, I am very proud to have Matt as a strong member of our team.

Dr. Quinn Henoch, PT, DPT
Founder – Clinical Athlete
Director of Sports Rehabilitation – Juggernaut Training Systems

Few coaches have what it takes to change a person's life. It takes more than just expertise. It takes heart, character, integrity, and love. Matthew has all of them in spades. If you want one of the best in the business, you've found it.

Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC
Owner – Stop Chasing Pain

I have been fortunate to add Matt to my circle of trusted fitness professionals. I can attest to Matt’s unyielding passion to help people move and feel better. Furthermore, I have the privilege of helping him reach his own fitness goals. I can tell you first hand that he works his butt off to lead from the front. Bottom line, Matt is an honest, genuine, and driven individual who will do whatever it takes to help his clients and friends.

Greg Robins
Strength and Conditioning Coach – Cressey Sports Performance

Owner – The Strength House

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to the healthcare world: knowledge and how you connect with individuals. You can learn all the knowledge in the world, but you certainly cannot teach the human side of coaching and interaction. Matthew is far and beyond one of the most impressive communicators in our generation of coaches, and is constantly in the trenches to become better each day.


Dr. Zak Gabor, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, CSCS, USAW

Physical Therapist & Strength Coach – Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness

Matthew is a strength coach and manual therapist, one of the new hybrid clinician/coaches that successfully merges the best of both worlds. If you have training or rehab issues lingering, he is well-equipped to help you meet them. Matthew is extremely knowledgeable and a highly-sought after individual for his expertise in movement, strength, fitness, and rehab. Most importantly, he's an awesome dude, and all-around nice guy!

Dr. Erson Religioso III, PT, DPT, MS, MTC, Cert MDT, CFC, CSCS, FMT, FAAOMPT
Owner – Modern Manual Therapy

Matt's energy and devotion to his craft are immediately recognizable. I always look forward to reading and sharing the educational content that Matt consistently puts out. His contribution to the strength and conditioning field brings a breath of fresh air for the next generation of coaches. I believe he will only bring the field to an even higher level.

Jaime Rodriguez
Strength and Conditioning Coach – New Jersey Devils

I've worked with Matt on several projects for STACK over the past few years. I consider myself fortunate to have him as one of my go-to guys when I need an expert opinion on a challenging topic. Matt also shows an incredible commitment to educating fellow coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts with quality articles and helpful social media posts, such as his series on '30 Days of Low Back & Hip Health'. This passion for educating others makes the fitness industry a better place. I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future.

Andy Haley, CSCS
Performance Director – STACK

Matt's ability to combine formal education with experiential learning as a coach, practitioner, and athlete has contributed to his ability to educate and inform the masses. The quality of information that he shares is constantly growing and evolving. He is someone that we could all learn from and should be taking the time to follow.

Michael Kamal, MS, RSCC, CSCS

Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning – Merrimack College

Let me start off by saying that I have known Matt since we were kids growing up in rival cities (my city always won!). The one thing that has remained true over the years is the ability that Matt has to relate to his peers and teammates. He has taken that ability and coupled it with a thirst for knowledge in the study of human performance. He has become a true professional in every sense of the word. Whether he's creating a program to better one of his athletes or understanding the motivations and passions of those individuals, Matt brings the house down! He is an excellent coach and an excellent person who continues to improve his abilities each and every day.

Vinnie Calautti, CSCS, SCCC
Strength and Conditioning Coach – Boston University

For years I’ve tried to figure out what separates somebody who kind of knows something about fitness to somebody who has the stuff to make a big impact. I gave up. Can’t do it. What I do know is Matthew seems to have that special sauce. That je ne sais quoi. That combination of smarts, determination, passion, and integrity. His work is second to none and I can’t wait to see more.

Jon Goodman, CSCS
Founder – The Personal Trainer Development Center

Matt is one of the most dedicated professionals in his field. His constant search for knowledge and relentless commitment to his athletes and clients shows that his passion is unwavering. Matt is a trailblazer in the field of sports medicine and strength and conditioning, and will be for years to come.

Matthew Meyer, BSc, PES, CES, LMT, FR, FRCms
Manual & Movement Therapist – Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Bandits
Owner – Revive Performance and Health

Matt is one of the hardest working professionals in our industry. He possesses a very high training IQ, but what impresses me the most is his passion to get better, and then, his enthusiasm to pass that knowledge onto others. Whether you’re looking to feel and move better or looking to become a better overall strength coach, Matt is an open book definitely worth exploring.

Brendon Rearick, NSCA-CPT, LMT
Co-Owner – Movement As Medicine
Educator – Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

Matt has not only shown mastery of the technical nuances of coaching and human movement, but also has an incredible perspective on the opportunities he has to create serious impact on the field. Matt has used his ability to network to position himself as a role model for many other coaches and fitness professionals.

Lucas Dunham, XPS
Performance Specialist – EXOS

Since our first conversation, I could tell that Matt was someone the industry needed. The fitness space is full of less than perfect information and in my role with MBSC Thrive, I see a ton of that. I also have a very unique position to be able to understand the difference between the good and bad in the industry. Matt is one of the good ones, and I cannot wait to see how many people he is able to influence, as he already has me.

Sean De Wispelaere
Director – MBSC Thrive
Health and Fitness Expert / Consultant – Men’s Health

Matthew is a coach and therapist on the rise in the fitness world. His combination of skill sets in both the strength and conditioning and manual therapy fields provide him with a unique outlook on movement, training, and rehabilitation. He will continue to be a go-to professional for many years to come.

Devan McConnell
Director of Sports Performance – UMass Lowell

Matthew Ibrahim is one of a kind and a true inspiration in the fields of strength and conditioning and sports rehabilitation. Matt does it all—coaching, strength training, manual therapy, teaching workshops, and mentorship. He is passionate, enthusiastic, and goes above and beyond to help grow the industry. I’ve been fortunate to see him in a few different elements from workshops, to the clinic, to training the local high school sports teams. Every time I see him I leave with new perspective and renewed motivation. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found him!

Dr. Sophia Veiras, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Physical Therapist – Bay State Physical Therapy
IPF Collegiate World Champion Powerlifter (63kg)
USAPL Powerlifting State Referee

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